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Rules & regulations

  1. The organizers, M/s Trinity or any of its Associate Companies, herein after called the " organizers " reserve all rights to 11th edition of the above exhibition being held from 19 -21 March 2015
  2. Any payments shall be as follows: 50% of the total participation or any other fees on application. The balance participation or any other fees 30 days before the exhibition. The organizers reserve the right to all matters in this regard
  3. In no circumstances will the Exhibitor be permitted to erect or occupy a stall booth or site, if the participation or any other fees have not been paid in full. Should an Exhibitor be prevented from occupying his stall or site for this reason, all participation fees paid shall be forfeited, and the balance of the Participation fee shall be recoverable forthwith by the organizers as agreed, as liquidated damages. The organizers shall be entitled to utilize the stall or site that had been allotted to such Exhibitor in such manner as the organisers shall think fit, and to recover from the Exhibitor any expenditure incurred in doing so.
  4. All cancellations / changes must be in writing signed by person who has filled the Contract Form on the Exhibitor's letterhead. No email or text sms messages are entertained. If received by the the organizer, thirty clear days prior to scheduled exhibition commencement date, then booking amount (if realized) will be refunded after deducting therefrom 5% processing fees plus expenses if any. If received by the Organizer, less than thirty clear days prior to scheduled exhibition commencement date, then booking amount shall stand forfeited.
  5. Exhibitors who have taken Built-up Space must bring in their products and equipment on 11th September, 2014 by 1 pm and complete the stall designing and assembling by 9:00hrs on 12th September 2014 morning.
  6. Exhibitors who have taken Raw Space can start constructing their stall [within the area demarcated and provided to them by the organizers on 10th September, 2014 morning and complete the stall designing and assembling by 9:00hrs on 12th September morning.
  7. Exhibits must be removed from position only on 14th September, 2014 between 7:00 pm and midnight.
  8. Verbal agreements concerning any aspect of this contract or the exhibitions are not valid unless confirmed in writing.
  9. The organizer stands indemnified against any expenses / losses / investment incurred by the Exhibitor. An Exhibitor is also liable to damages caused by the Exhibitor with respect to the expo premises or any material used.
  10. The organizers reserve the right to modify the layouts of stand sites and gangways. The organizers reserve the right to require exhibitors to make such alterations to their stands or setting of exhibits as they reasonably feel necessary to maintain an acceptable standard of presentation, to avoid interference, etc. in the interest of the exhibition.
  11. Exhibitors should not cause any permanent damage to the walls, panels and floors not limited to use of nails, painting, self-adhesive tapes or any such material. If any area of the complex and the shell scheme structure, is found damaged, the exhibitor covering that area will be liable to pay for the damages as fixed by the organizers.
  12. No equipment can be operated that emits excessive noise, causes electrical interference & / or other annoyance or nuisance to the organizers, other exhibitors, venue, etc. In this matter the organisers decision is final.
  13. The organizers expect exhibitors to exercise discretion and show courtesy to fellow exhibitors when using audio-visual presentations, and / or any display.
  14. The exhibitors may not assign, sub-let or grant licenses in respect of the whole or any part of the stall or site.
  15. No cards, advertisements or printed matter of persons or firms who are not bonafide part of the exhibitor / exhibitor’s goods or service will be permitted for display or distribution. Exhibitors will not be permitted to distribute any sort of publications from their stalls, even if they have advertised in the same. Any such unauthorized distribution will attract forfeiture of the said publication material / literature and severe penalty levied as deemed appropriate by the organizer.
  16. No banners, posters or any other such material of the exhibitors will be allowed within the premises other than the stall or site contracted or on the roads or in the vicinity of the venue unless the organizers have approved their design, specifications, installation and location. Such unauthorized display is liable to be removed by the organizer without notice and a penalty levied.
  17. Although a twenty-four-hour security service will be in operation throughout the exhibition, exhibitors should take all possible precautions to avoid or minimize loss or damage to the equipment after the exhibition hours.
  18. Should an exhibitor fail to vacate his stall or site premises by the time specified by the organizer, such exhibitors shall be liable for any charges or costs incurred by the organizer as a result thereof.
  19. The organizer, venue authorities and those authorized by them respectively have the right to enter the exhibition premises at any time to execute work, repairs and alterations and for other purposes.
  20. Moving machinery or equipment shall, at the expense of the exhibitor, be installed and protected to the satisfaction of organizer, Landlords and Authorities. If such machinery or equipment shall, in the opinion of organizer, be too noisy or cause annoyance to other Exhibitors or to Visitors, it shall be switched off on orders from organizer.
  21. Safety devices may be removed only when the machines are not in operation and not connected to the source of power, and only for the purpose of showing a visitor the design and construction of the uncovered part or parts. In such cases, however, the safety devices that are removed must be placed immediately besides the machine.
  22. An exhibitor is responsible to organizer for ensuring that his stall or site is maintained in a clean and hygienic state throughout the period of the exhibition. If the exhibitor does not carry out his own stall or site cleaning and the organizer will carry out such stall or site cleaning at the exhibitor’s cost.
  23. Organizers will use their best endeavor to ensure the supply of the services from the venue authorities and of those mentioned in the Exhibitor Information Guide, but they shall not incur any liability to an exhibitor for any loss or damage, if any such services shall, wholly or partially, fail or cease to be available, nor shall the exhibitor be entitled to any refund in respect of participation fee or any other charges, due or paid.
  24. If due to unavoidable circumstances such as Act of God, natural calamity, riots etc, the organizers are forced to postpone / cancel the exhibition, the exhibitor will not be entitled to refund or compensation of any kind.
  25. Each exhibitor must display his exhibitor's badge issued by the organizer at all times within the exhibition premises. No Exhibitor will be admitted inside the complex or permitted to move around the exhibition premises without displaying his badge. In the event of the Badge being transferred or otherwise disposed of, it will be immediately forfeited and no additional badges will be issued in its place.
  26. Organizers reserve their right, at their discretion, to withdraw the badges issued to any person if complaints have been received concerning of any Exhibitor & / or their staff, representatives etc conduct. The number of free badges issued to an Exhibitor is at the discretion of organizers. Proper care must be taken by each participant to ensure that his badge is not lost / misplaced, as no duplicate/additional badge will be issued in the case of loss of the original badge.
  27. No material / exhibits will be allowed to be taken out of the hall without valid exit permit from the officer authorized by the organizers.
  28. Organizers reserve the right to affix signage, stand numbers or direction signs on any stall or site in any position.
  29. No competition shall be held by the Exhibitors at the venue without prior written consent of organizers any taxes or costs relating to the competition shall be at the Exhibitor’s cost.
  30. Every exhibitor shall ensure that his stall or site is open to view, and is staffed by competent representatives, during exhibition hours. In the event of any exhibitor failing to open his stall or site, or uncover his exhibits, the organizers may do so, or may arrange for the stall or site and exhibits to be removed, and the exhibitor shall be liable for any charges that may thereby be incurred. The organiser will not be liable for any losses, including consequential losses, sustained by the Exhibitor as a result of any action by the organizers in the interest of the other exhibitors or exhibition.
  31. Every exhibitor, and all persons for whom he may be considered responsible in any way whatsoever, must conduct himself in such a manner as shall not be objectionable to any other exhibitor or visitor or organizers. Any person who does not comply with these requirements shall be liable, at the discretion of organizers, to be removed from the exhibition and refused re admission during the period of the exhibition.
  32. Insurance of exhibits and property of the stall or site will be the responsibility of the individual exhibitor. The organizers shall not be responsible in any way of personal injury to the exhibitor or his invitees or licensees, however caused.
  33. In case of the exhibition being cancelled or postponed in whole or in part, the organizers do not accept any consequential liability in any such eventuality
  34. An exhibitor is responsible for personal injury or damage to property arising in connection with the erection display operation and dismantling of the exhibitor's stall or site as well as exhibit and anything permitted, omitted or done thereon or there from, during the period of the exhibition; or the construction and dismantling periods, caused directly or indirectly by the exhibitor, or any contractor licensee or invitee of the exhibitor, or the act, omission or neglect of any such person or by any exhibit, machinery or other article or thing belonging to the exhibitor, or in the possession of or use of the exhibitor. The exhibitor will indemnify organiser in respect thereof. The exhibitor must take out adequate insurance in respect of all such claims.
  35. Organizers shall not be responsible for the loss of or damage to, exhibits or to other property of the Exhibitor, his invitees or licensees, however, caused. The Exhibitor must take out adequate insurance in respect of all such claims.
  36. Exhibitors are advised to insure against cost and losses which they may incur in the event of the Exhibition being abandoned, cancelled or suspended, in whole or in part, for causes not within the organizer's control, organizers accept no liability in such an eventuality.
  37. An exhibitor shall do nothing to jeopardize the current insurance policies or the licenses of venue authorities or organizers, and the exhibitor shall, in all cases, comply with any requirements of the Authorities. An Exhibitor in breach of any of the provisions will be liable for all claims; loss and damage thereby caused and will indemnify the organiser in respect thereof.
  38. Heavy goods, Explosives, radioactive, highly inflammable or other dangerous substances, fire arms may not be exhibited or brought into the exhibition, nor may naked lights or lamps be used during the period of the exhibition, or the periods of set-up and dismounting, without the prior written consent of organizers.
  39. The Organizers reserve their right to modify and/or alter any of the above regulations without prior notice to exhibitors.
  40. Any dispute between the organizers and exhibitors is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts as decided by the organiser.
  41. The organizers reserve the right to alter, add to, or amend any of these Conditions or not, the decision of the organizers shall be final. No alterations, additions, amendments, or waiver to or of these conditions shall operate to release any exhibitor from the terms of this contract.
  42. Particular attention is drawn to the relevant safety standards which must be strictly observed for any exhibits involving lasers or radioactive material, or which might provide noxious fumes or which make use of or display any other materials which may involve a danger to the health or safety of any person. No such material may be brought into the exhibition without the prior agreement in writing of the organizers subject to conditions if any composed and also the Exhibitors or person responsible agreeing to indemnify the organizers against any claim or actions arising from the use or display of such materials.
  43. In no event shall the organizers, its subsidiaries, holding company and affiliates, and their respective officers, agents, representative and employees, be liable to the Exhibitors or any third party for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages, including loss of profit or damage arising from the participation in the Exhibition, even if the Organizers have been advised of the possibility of such damages. They shall also not be liable for any damage or loss caused by technical or other reasons to or while installing, exhibiting or removing of exhibit or at any time thereafter.
  44. The Exhibitors have represented and warranted to the Organisers, that the exhibits are owned leased or licensed to the Exhibitor and he/they have full right and authority to display the exhibits and nothing in the exhibit shall be illegal, immoral, defamatory, breach of privacy, infringement of intellectual property &/or contrary to public policy.
  45. All exhibitors displaying equipment weighing over 300 kgs will have to inform the organizers in writing during registration. The Organizers reserve the right to permit or reject displaying of such heavy equipments. The decision of the organizers in this matter will be final and cannot be contested.
  46. All exhibitors displaying heavy equipment will have to bring their equipment to the venue before 18:00 hrs on the 9th September 2014. NO HEAVY GOODS WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE EXHIBITION PREMISES POST 6.00 AM on 10th September 2014.
  47. All Exhibitors will have to finish setting up the stall by 8:00 hrs on 12th September 2014 Morning. No heavy goods will be allowed to enter the Exhibition Premises post 6.00 AM.
  48. All Exhibitors will have to vacate the venue latest by 19:30 hrs on all the show days.
  49. Additionally, the organizers may at any time make further rules and regulations, having immediate effect, in relation to any aspect of the exhibition.
  50. In all matters the organizers decisions are final and binding on exhibitors, who agree to indemnify the organizers in all matters.


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