Build Construct India Trade Fair & Road Show will bring key purchase decision-makers and the fraternity to focus on the latest and get the best.

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As a premier service provider to the Building & Construction sectors, we are pleased to announce the Top 100 B & C Awards for these segments. These will be judged by a panel of representatives from the visitor, exhibitor and the related professional / industry associations. Similarly, we have the Best Display / Demonstration Awards and the Preferred Exhibitor Awards for those participating in the event.

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* 5 States
* 300 Leading Brands
* 5,000 Key Purchasers
* 10,000 Target-Audience
* World Industry Leaders
* International Marketing
* Country and State Pavilions
* 15,000 Foreign and Indian Visitors
* Themes: Greens, Lighting, Electricals....
* Government Board and Export Promotion Councils, Institutions, Etc


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