Build Construct India Trade Fair & Road Show will bring key purchase decision-makers and the fraternity to focus on the latest and get the best.

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Thousands from the building and construction industry meeting hundreds of vendors and the trading community in the plush environs conducive to clicking business deals. Over 3 days, BuildConstruct India Trade Fair & Road Show will bring key purchase decision-makers and the fraternity to focus on the latest and get the best. The focus will be exclusively business, interaction, networking, partnering, tie-ups.... The new government only makes it better.

The Industry

According to a PwC India Under Construction Report, the growth rate in various segments of the B & C industry ranges from 9 - 25 % with the government focusing heavily on infrastructure. The total realty market in the country is expected to touch US$ 180 billion by 2020 and the boom is already evident. Property broker Cushman & Wakefield ( C & W ) estimates that in the next three to five years, as much as $12 billion could be raised.

Market South

The C & W report states that Bengaluru recorded the largest number of units launched at an increase of 22 per cent at 16,838 units, followed by Chennai, with marked increases across cities and new towns. BuildConstruct India Trade Fair & Road Show will target audiences in Western ( Maharashtra ) and Southern India, especially the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Kerala, Goa, etc.

Whats different?

Segment-specific match-making - The media and effort will be directed to get maximum pre-registered business visitors. These will be informed in advance what to expect - supplies, materials, equipment, product launches - so they come looking for you. The emphasis is not on business or trade inquiries, but rather close deals and sign-up during BuildConstruct India Trade Fair & Road Show itself.

Market Indicators

The demand for and potential of Southern India is tremendous and surging. To illustrate, here are a few indicators, giving the scope in 4 of the 6 states that BuildConstruct India Trade Fair & Road Show is focusing on:

Minimum Spend in Some Southern States *Rs. Crores

  Andhra Pradesh Karnataka Kerala Tamilnadu
Steel 2200 3800 1800 3000
Cement 4700 7200 3600 5500
Plumbing & Sanitary 2700 4200 1500 3500
Doors & Windows 2850 4650 2000 3800
Flooring 2500 4700 1750 3000
Paints 250 280 200 200

Concurrent Presentations

The 3 days would see manufacturers and authorized representatives displaying and demonstrating their ware. A number of learning, interaction and networking opportunities would present themselves in the form of seminars, workshops and audio-visuals.


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